Hotel Bisesti, respect for environment!


The hotel in Garda that pampers customers and respects the environment.

We have done a lot for the environment, but very much is what we still want to do.

We want to consider the environment as a good to use and not to exploit, using day after day to involve our guests, our collaborators, our suppliers to a greater sensitivity and attention to eco-sustainable behaviour.

Renewable energy priority!

Since summer 2009, 10 solar panels have been installed that heat up an accumulation of 2000 liters of water up to 75°C.

In addition, in 2014 we installed photovoltaic panels that provide up to 20 kWh and a cogenerator that produces 20 kWh of electricity and, at the same time, hot water, completely covering the consumption of hot water and heating (in the coldest periods) daily of the hotels and we avoid emitting CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing in an incredible way to reduce harmful emissions.

The hot water produced in excess, is used to heat our outdoor pool (up to + 3°C compared to the water temperature).

All the details are important!

Over 80% of lighting sources come from LED lamps and 20% from low-consumption lamps.

All the south wing with the junior suites has been built with new building technologies using green building with “Xlam” wooden structure.

The conditioning is supplied by high efficiency machines with control of the window opening in the room.

Clean without polluting

So many cleaning and disinfecting cleaners are environmentally friendly products with a low environmental impact.

Do and teach recycling

Separate waste collection is the direction for a more responsible world. Ours is a 360 ° commitment, with pickers both in the common areas and in the individual departments for plastic, paper, glass and dry.

The location is impeccable!

Tired of traffic? At the Hotel Bisesti in Garda you do not need the car.

Just 150 meters you reach the centre of Garda, the beaches and the beautiful promenade towards Bardolino which continues towards Peschiera del Garda.

Muscular and electric bicycles are available for you to rent at our reception.

Also public transport (buses and boats) are very convenient to visit all the

towns around the lake and the hinterland.

And if you travel with an electric car you have the chance to charge it by us thanks to 2 plugs of 12 Kwh each!